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Modules as components

The SAP system consists of various modules which are linked to one another over a database. The consolidation of data in the databases makes it possible to carry out planning via different company areas.

SAP modules include:

  • Purchasing
  • Sales
  • Production
  • Human resources
  • Finance
  • Material management
  • Product life cycle
  • Document management


Processes can be perfectly controlled with the help of an SAP ERP system. This also includes extensive preliminary cost calculations, the production process with the help of materials management, and the subsequent final cost calculation. Needed resources, such as working times, materials, and raw materials can be planned well and on schedule.

SAP Stand for ‘Frameworks Applications and Products’ and was initially meant to give clients the capacity to cooperate upon a typical database along a far reaching application go. Continuously more applications started to be gathered and today, SAP is being utilized by driving organizations like Microsoft and IBM.

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SAP frameworks involve different completely coordinated modules covering practically every part of business administration. … SAP is an all around perceived business stage today in different practical fields including Financial Accounting and Controlling (FICO), Production Planning (PP) and Materials Management (MM).

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SAP is an Enterprise Resource

SAP is an Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) from the company SAP AG, Germany. SAP (or generally any ERP) is used in large or medium size enterprises to integrate the processes across various functions.

Each function is handled by the respective module in SAP (or any other ERP) software. For example, SAP has modules called Sales & Distribution (SD), Advanced Planning and Optimization (APO), Quality Management (QM), Purchasing (MM-PUR) Warehouse Management (WM), Production Planning (PP), Finance (FI) and many other.

Let’s take a simple example. When a customer places an order(via web/EDI/directly in SAP),this order is created and handled by the SD module. This module will make sure that customer data, quantity, pricing, shipping preferences, delivery dates etc. are accurately captured and maintained as per the defined rules. Best sap course in Bangalore.

SD modules will integrate with APO module to check whether or not the ordered product (or raw material to produce it) is in stock or will be in stock by the required date. If not, order may not be accepted, different date may be proposed or can be put on back-order.

If product has to be manufactured/assembled, then PP module will handle the production (how much to produce, what raw materials and quantities are required, when will production start, which production line will be used, what steps have to be performed, capturing the labor time and costs etc.).

QM module will make sure that produced material is inspected and passed before it can be shipped to customers.

WM module will handle the picking of the ordered products from the warehouse. For example it will facilitate the decision about who will pick the order, in what sequence, from which shelf it will be picked, which strategy will be followed (First Expiry First Out or First In First Out or other), which packaging box will be used for shipping, what path operator or machine should use to minimize the travel within warehouse, printing of the customer / transportation documents.


SAP example

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This is just a very simple example of outbound shipping scenario involving some of the mainstream SAP modules.

Similar simple examples can be created for inbound receiving processes and for internal processes. Not all of the modules are used in all places. sap training center in bangalore

To conclude, with the help of an ERP, the organizational teams are able to work independently, with the necessary access controls and approvals and finally the management is able to consolidate and integrate organizational performance reporting.

To add to the following, SAP is divided into different modules which are ideally specific to a business function. e.g. SD module for Sales & Distribution (Logistics), MM (Materials Management) for Purchase & Stores, CRM module for Customer Relationship Management, and many more modules are available which you can easily get on SAP and other related websites. There is a BI/BO tool of SAP which is specifically used for analysis. These are standard packages meaning it does not need coding to configure. This is called the functional part of SAP.

You can do customization in SAP through a language called ABAP. This requires coding knowledge. This is called the technical part of SAP.

Sap applications are well known for his or her excessive stage of complexities. Sap consists of a huge quantity of packages and sub-programs. Sap is used in four major modules: monetary, logistical, human useful resource, and pass-application modules. These modules paintings in a collaborative style on a single platform. However,

it’s been discovered that maximum agencies have a difficult time. Because it takes a disproportionately excessive diploma of know-how to its functionalities, requiring quite a few training of experts amongst other matters. In different words, sap is a lot too state-of-the-art on its personal. So much so, that businesses emerge as deploying numerous other structures together with it, in order to cope.


Standardization of structures on a unmarried running system for the whole enterprise surroundings this is, sap integration with non-sap structures, increases productivity stages all around and leads to a considerable enhance to the returns on investment. Hokuapps is one such logo that offers you efficient and powerful sap device integrators. Importantly, sap integration solutions from hokuapps can be deployed on-premise, as well as within the cloud, in a flexible, seamless infrastructure that then turns into free of friction. best sap course center in bangalore

This form of integration isn’t smooth to gain or even to locate because sap regularly seems to work as even though it had a mind of its very own. However hokuapps has hit on a first-rate components, as is obvious from the wonderful results that it has produced. Agencies need to spend money on this modern and strategic providing to have an open facts shape that allows you to establish an top of the line statistics pipeline management. And that is essential to attaining the stop aim of enterprise prosperity.

The world of employer has transformed past recognition. It’s far each unexpectedly converting and speedy increasing. The strategy for an organization needs to be receptive, adaptive, and attentive to new tendencies to now not simplest continue to exist but to thrive, in this stiff opposition.

It’s far sure to stagnate, and finally disappear into oblivion, if it takes the choice to face nonetheless – or even watch for the pace to gradual down – or a specific fashion to stabilize. On this bid to evolve with the traits, but, an employer ought to not start investing in software program answers indiscriminately.